Our Favourite Finds This Month

We’ve been hunkered down with our project in bath, so thought it would be a nice idea to do something different and share with you a few of our favourite interiors finds this month. You may even end up recognising a few come next month when the project finishes and we show you our results!

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First up is this canvas botanical wall hanging from Rockett St George. We love the black poster hanger, rather than a frame, and the fact that it’s printed on canvas gives it a softer, almost weather worn feel. Perfect for period homes as well as modern industrial.

This Phrenology head from John Lewis. Phrenology was the practice of human head measurement. It was believed that certain areas of the brain were used for different things, and that measuring the head could give you an idea of the patients personality. It also often departed from science and concentrated on obscure things like “philoprogenitiveness”, from the Greek for “love of offspring”, that was located centrally at the back of the head. It was very popular in the 19th century, and heads like this would depict what areas of the brain did precisely what. Put him on a side table or bookshelf for a Victorian gentlemens room feel.

This bankers lamp from Debenhams. They first appeared in the early 1900’s and they seem to be experiencing a small comeback. Green is thought to be a soothing colour and so would work well on an office desk or worktop, as well as a bedside table.

And finally another from Rocket St George, the Gatsby side table with leather magazine holder. Perfect for smaller homes in need of clever but still lovely looking storage, the magazine rack could also be used to store your laptop or a spare throw.